Driving Licence Download Using Mobile Number - A Complete Guide


A driving licence is an essential document. There is a 16-digit number on the driving licence which is called driving licence number. This number is different for all holders. A driving licence is mainly a qualification recognition to drive vehicles.

This guide shows you how to download your driving license using your mobile number, making it easy and quick to get your license online.

Download a Driving Licence Using a Mobile Number

If you've lost or misplaced your driving license and need to download or print it quickly, today we'll show you how to do it using your mobile number.

To download your driving license with your mobile number, follow these steps:

Licence Related Service
  • Select “Learner Licence” then “Print Learner Licence (Form3)”.
  • Click "Proceed" on the new page.
Print Learner Licence
  • Choose "Mobile Number", enter your mobile number and date of birth, then click "Submit".

Enter the OTP sent to your mobile and click "Submit". Your driving license will then be displayed in PDF form, ready for download.

Click On Submit to Download DL
Download Driving Licence
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